Second-hand vehicle prices drop due to coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak continues to affect the markets. Due to the virus outbreak, corporate used car prices dropped 2.5 percent in the online market compared to February.

The coronavirus outbreak that occurred in Wuhan, China, even in the period when it was seen only in China markets affect He had begun. The spread of the virus outbreak around the world has caused markets to be more profoundly affected.

The automotive industry was also affected by the virus outbreak. Due to the epidemic, many world-famous automakers had to interrupt production. Nowadays, there are problems in automobile production. used car market in looks impressed.

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The opinions of INDICATA Sales Director Aslı Göker were asked to get information about the used car market. Göker made a statement to Anadolu Agency correspondent, and 80% of the companies selling used vehicles in the online market lowering prices told. Saying that there is a decrease in the tendency to purchase vehicles, Göker said that they want to keep cash in the hands of institutions.

Aslı Göker, when the tendency of institutions to purchase second-hand vehicles to decrease, meets February used car prices He stated that he dropped 2.5%. Göker said that after this decline in the first two weeks of March, they will look at the numbers again at the end of March.

The figures given by INDICATA Sales Director Aslı Göker represent the institutional leg of the used car market. Göker, because they do not follow the individual market of used cars prices of the individual market He said he could not comment on.

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