Second Hand Vehicle Sales Qualification Certificate Required

According to the new regulation published in the Official Gazette, it is essential that the persons who will sell second hand vehicles have the professional qualification certificate based on national competency.

The Ministry of Commerce changed the regulations for second hand motor vehicles. The amendment published in the Official Gazette requires that merchants and craftsmen who sell second-hand vehicles have at least one of their own, and those who have the authority to represent companies and legal entities, that have a certificate of professional competence based on national competence in their branches.

personnel employed must now have one of the vocational qualification certificates based on the national qualifications of the Motor Vehicle Purchase and Sales Responsibility (Level 5) or Motor Vehicles Trade Advisors (Level 4).

When a second-hand car or land vehicle is being sold, the appraisal report containing the criteria determined by the Turkish Standards Institute is taken and this report is also included in the report. it will have to be kept for five years.


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Parts of vehicles sold, such as gearbox, engine, torque converter, electric system and differential; during the period of 3 months from the date of sale, or during the 5 thousand kilometers of use corresponding to it, the warranty will be covered by the company