See these grafitti artists how they color the world

Innovations in the money industry inspire artists. Crypto money has now begun to be portrayed on the walls around the world.

Blockchain technology continues to inspire a lot of companies regardless of their field of activity. It is not wrong to say that this industry has begun to inspire artists with Bitcoin and subcoins. Yes, you heard right. Graphic artists color cities with graphs related to cryptography.

Over the years, Bitcoin (BTC) and its subcoins have succeeded in becoming known for their unlimited possibilities for both online and physical media. The technology used by digital currencies is impressive and promising for many businesses. We can say that Blockchain based networks have become a phenomenon and certainly a technological revolution.


People say that their graph is ugly, irresponsible and childish … and that they can not afford to buy a cigarette.

The crypto sector is compatible with the philosophical graffiti artists

The graffiti arts express both the collective anxiety and the appeal for the industry crypto, especially Bitcoin (BTC)

"F * ck the IRS", San Francisco, California

PIPCAL BOYART aka "PBOY," Paris, France ' Bitcoin Is Future for Your Kids ' Kiev, Ukraine 'System' by Ludo, Paris, France

[Wolfsburg] Cryptograffiti Street Art, USA