Semiconductor production: Samsung reportedly wants to invest billions in the US

From 2023, Samsung’s semiconductor division could open a second chip production facility in the USA. According to the news agency Bloomberg the company intends to invest more than 10 billion US dollars in the construction, the equivalent of a good 8.2 billion euros.

As a location should Samsung chose Austin in Texas, writes Bloomberg. Construction should start this year, provided that an agreement is reached with the US government – Samsung is currently lobbying for economic aid from the state. From 2023, the production facility would be supplying customers with silicon chips with 3-nanometer technology.

Samsung has had a production facility in Austin, Texas, which has long focused on SDRAM chips, since the late 1990s. Most recently, the production technology was upgraded in 2015 to produce with structure widths of 14 nm.

Meanwhile, 14 nm is a thing of the past, but existing locations cannot be upgraded for long for future process generations: After the 3 nm generation, manufacturers need EUV exposure machines with a high numerical aperture (High-NA EUV) of 0.55 instead of 0, 33, which take up more space. Samsung could align a new building accordingly.

Meanwhile, competitor TSMC is already one step further and has agreed with the US government to build a production facility with investments of up to 12 billion US dollars by 2029. From 2024 TSMC plans to manufacture 5 nm chips – also in Austin. With a monthly wafer volume of around 20,000 silicon wafers, the Arizona Fab is one of the smaller representatives of modern production facilities.


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