Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2: top ANC headphones

The predecessors were among the best wireless in-ear headphones. With the Momentum TW 2, Sennheiser goes one better. The test reveals how good the update sounds.

With the Momentum True Wireless 2, Sennheiser is reaching for the crown of True Wireless headphones. We test how well the devices perform against the competition and whether active noise cancellation (ANC) brings victory. The test appears in our True Wireless Headphones theme.

There we not only tested the predecessors, the Momentum True Wireless (test report), but also numerous alternatives. These include the Microsoft Surface Earbuds (test report), the Powerbeats Pro (test report), the Jabra Elite Active 65t (test report) or the Apple Airpods (2nd Gen) (test report). In the guide True Wireless Headphones: How much do you have to invest? we’ll also show you how much reasonable True Wireless headsets should cost. And in the article The cheapest true wireless headphones, we check how good the really cheap devices are.

When Sennheiser updates products from the current line-up, the company usually acts discreetly. Improvements mainly take place under the hood, while the design is slightly modified. This also applies to the Momentum True Wireless: at first glance, the successor to the successful and highly rated wireless in-ear headset looks like its clone.

The design is still not necessarily modern, rather timeless. Even the charging box with the pretty fabric look doesn’t look any different from version number one. The box weighs 58 g, with inserted in-ears it is 70 g. On the back is the USB-C input for charging. The in-ears are magnetically locked in the box. The slightly concave shape makes them easy to grip and remove.

The Sennheiser Momemtum True Wireless 2 have touch-sensitive areas on the individual headphones.

The Sennheiser logo is emblazoned on the back of the connector on the rather large and metallic touch field. On the inside there are sensors and the contacts for charging. The hearing funnel is crowned by a silicone attachment, which is available in different sizes for more comfort. Thanks to the protection class IPX4, the earphones are very well protected against splash water. The TW2 visually corresponds to its predecessors almost down to the last detail.

And yet the hardware with noise canceling and hearthrough offers significantly more. Various microphones on both plugs register ambient noise and filter it, leaving little to listen to if desired. If you are not comfortable with the total shielding, you can even hear more noise when audio is playing.

The scope of delivery includes silicone ear adapter sets in four different sizes, the charging case and a short USB-C charging cable.

The Bluetooth connection of the headphones to a player is easy. While the plugs are in the ear, both touch surfaces are touched simultaneously. As soon as a friendly voice says “pairing”, the connection can be established. The Bluetooth connection is very stable – both between your two ear plugs and the player. The Momentum TW 2 have sensors that detect whether they are in the ear. If you remove one of the plugs, the music played ends automatically.

Sennheiser relies on pure touch operation for the TW2. It is important to memorize the various knocking signs. The music on the left starts and stops when you tap the control panel. If you tap twice, the next song starts, if you tap three times the previous one. The volume is reduced by holding the finger longer on the touchpad. It continues with the right side: One tap starts the voice assistant, two taps switches on the hearing of ambient noise, after the third tap the active noise cancellation (ANC) starts. And if you like it louder, leave your finger on the touch field a bit longer. Incoming calls can be accepted by tapping on one of the pages or rejected by double-tapping.

We don’t really get warm with typing around. Less would have been more here. But to be fair: it is amazing how many functions have been accommodated. In addition, the touch control is no longer as overly sensitive as the predecessor. If you are overwhelmed by the abundance of possibilities, you can use the app to specify which command should be called up with which touch – or simply deactivate everything. Speaking of the app:Smart control”The equalizer is also set, for example, or the firmware is updated.

As befits headphones in this price range, everything is on board that needs excellent sound. In addition to SBC and AAC, the TW2 also offer the high-resolution aptX for the codecs.

The Test Playlist (Spotify) begins with the title Yeah I Know from the new album from The 1975. The British impressively manage to poach in all styles and to create something new from them over and over again. The track starts with deep synth sounds that wind their way into the ears. Matthew Healy’s voice is well accentuated and nicely centered. The sound structure is structured by cascading and fluttering drum samples. Everything sounds fine, perfectly coordinated. The basses are full without roaring. The mids offer space and the highs bring the necessary clarity without breaking at the tips. A dream.

Various settings can be controlled via the app.

For mummy MoTrip got his buddy warrant in front of the microphone. The track starts with the sound of a music box, in the background you can hear a thunderstorm. A good start, because with your eyes closed you could almost think that you have stupidly forgotten your umbrella and have to find shelter quickly. Fortunately, music doesn’t make you wet. The first MoTrip rhymes lay clearly over the sound, the bass sets in, deep and full-bodied. The sound is so fine that the multitude of different sound snippets are easy to locate and act like the building blocks of a well-produced radio play.

Owen Pallett added Transformer unpacked his well tuned guitar and almost plucks his fingers bloody. Or better: two guitars. With the TW 2 you can hear every string reverberate, the differentiation is excellent. The singer’s voice blends into the sound structure. Fine-tuned, it looks as if Owen Pallett is sitting in the head, while the guitars are placed slightly to the left and right and the strings from behind provide a voluminous sound wallpaper. That continues in the slightly jazzy title Paragon of Color away. A sluggish drums provide a bit of a nodding rhythm, while the strings brushed against the grain provide tension and the piano apparently only knows four keys. The basses only have something to do with the bass violins, especially the mids are in demand here – and they respond with passion. The heights provide the necessary contour.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Finally a little melancholy. Alin Coen joined Flammable published a wonderful gem. A tender bass plays a few notes, then Alin almost whispers her first line “What did I find in you …” – and you are enchanted. The TW 2 create a stage like in one of these old amphitheaters, where even in the last row you can feel a slight breathing or a break in the top of the voice. The bass is comfortably warm, it almost feels like your own heartbeat. The mids give the song a lot of space to develop. In the treble, a slight reverb gets caught at the end of the notes and almost gives the track a live feel.

The Momentum True Wireless 2 offer excellent sound across all genres. It is balanced, the bass is warm, the treble is not too clinical. If you want more punch, you can use the equalizer in the app – this is not necessary. Phone calls also sound great – in both directions. The voice quality is good thanks to the built-in microphones. We found no asynchrony in films.

We also like the “transparent hearing” function. The ambient noise is very well amplified, which makes it easy to carry the TW2 while cycling. The ANC feature could almost have been given as a gift. The in-ears shield the ambient noise very well due to the design. The silicone attachments leave noise outside and the music in your ear. An activated ANC does not bring much more silence, but it ensures that the battery is empty faster. Actually, it means “having is better than needing”. But in this case it is more gimmick than useful.

Sennheiser has significantly improved the runtime: The batteries of the TW2 now last around seven hours at medium volume. With the charging box, the Momentum can be charged three times, which ensures a total of 28 hours of sound. This means that the playing time has almost doubled compared to the predecessor. There is an asterisk for this in the class register.

The headphones in the charging cradle.

The Momentum TW 2 have an MSRP of 299 euros. This is not cheap fun, but you get an excellent and mature product. The predecessors are now much cheaper – with an almost identical sound, but without ANC and with a poorer battery. Overall, Sennheiser has once again produced a coherent overall package with the Momentum TW 2 and, as always, can be paid for dearly.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 black (508674)

Sennheiser Momemtum True Wireless, black

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 white (508831)

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, white

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    With the Momentum True Wireless 2, Sennheiser screwed in the right places: the battery lasts longer than the predecessor, the touch controls are less sensitive and there is now also active noise cancellation. The differences in design and especially in sound are barely noticeable – and that’s a good thing.

    The sound can often be called excellent out of the box and can be optimized for your own listening habits if necessary. The plugs sit very well in the ear, the workmanship is great. If you own the predecessors, you don’t necessarily have to treat yourself to the update. But if you are looking for wireless headphones to listen to your favorite music in excellent quality, you must shortlist the Sennheiser In-Ears. Yes, the price is high. But we think it is worth it in this case too.

    By the way: All test tracks are on the Spotify playlist “In the name of the review” to find.

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