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The Search engine optimization is one of the most important measures in 2020 to bring visitors to their own homepage. Analyze the right keywords, keep an eye on the competition and create short, concise URLs – this should be part of every SEO strategy. The online visibility management platform has been set up so that website operators can improve their Google ranking and, in the best case, get the first place in the search results SEMrush a checklist for SEO trends 2020 created with best practice examples.

The guideline covers all important key topics: SEO basics, keyword research, technical SEO optimization, On-page search engine optimization as well as content and off-page factors. “With our extensive checklist, both beginners and advanced users can improve their websites in terms of Google rankings and traffic,” explains Evgeni Sereda, Senior Marketing Manager DACH at SEMrush.

SEO trends 2020: important results from the guide

The basis of every SEO success lies in the basics. With the Google Search Console, the Bing Webmaster Tool or with Google Analytics, every webmaster gains valuable insights into his data records. With the help of this knowledge, the increase organic visibility, which in turn has a positive impact on visitor numbers. It is also important that Google can actually display a website. This can be ensured with the SEMrush site audit tool.

Without solid keyword research, a website will not be placed on the right terms. The result: the conversion rate drops. Using the SEMrush Domain Overview Tool, for example, you can compare your own domain with other, competing websites in terms of search engine visibility. It is also important not to guess when using keywords, but to analyze them. The specific question is which terms actually lead to leads, sales and conversions.

SEO trends 2020 Source: SEMrush
SEMrush has created a checklist for SEO Trends 2020. (Graphic: SEMrush)

Tips and tricks for on- and off-page SEO

Organic traffic will not grow sustainably without great content and user experience. With the checklist, SEMrush shows which fields in the content management system are often neglected. This includes, for example, duplicate, missing and truncated title tags, meta descriptions or H1 tags. In addition, each article should also contain internal links.

“In addition to our tips, we show valuable tools and links that website operators can use to improve their pages. In our guide there is certainly a new recommendation for everyone, ”explains Evgeni Sereda, Senior Marketing Manager DACH at SEMrush.

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