Serdar Ortaç, Advertising Face of Crypto Para BreezeCoin

The advertising face of a US based company that brings the real estate and crypto money industry under the same roof became Serdar Ortaç.

Crypto money sector continues to meet with different sectors day by day. Breeze De Mar, a company that has recently undergone a series of construction projects in the US state of Orlando, has developed a crypto currency for real estate investing by adopting the block chain. In addition to being an investment vehicle, BreeCoin will be able to make hotel payments in Orlando.

The company that organized an investment night to call out to potential investors in Çeşme Alaçatı, performed with commercial side Serdar Ortaç and his wife Chole. Other than the middle couple, singer Pınar Aylin and actress Celil Nalçakan, who had an advertising face, were also at the venue. Intermediate, before the event questions from members of the press "The company signed a project in the city of Orlando, USA, housing 1500 homes. They also opened to the stock market at the same time. We have 2 houses as gifts. Somebody's a lady, the other's me. We went to Orlando to see the construction of the houses. It's still not finished, it will. They made a very beautiful Turkish city in America.

Actor Celil Nalchakan "I love this initiative. New is always good. I need to do something new in this life. I hope it will be good. "

BreezeCoin is now investing as an ICO initiative.