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The reason for the data loss was not only the devastating fire, but also that the data was not or only insufficiently secured due to the cost savings on the part of the provider. For around 27 server customers from all over Europe, but also Singapore and Australia, some of whom were temporarily unable to offer their services at all, one thing quickly became clear: the cheapest managed hosting provider is not always worth its price, especially in an emergency.

Reliable web hosting for online retailers

Internet trade is growing steadily today. Especially during the pandemic, numerous retailers have expanded their range to include an online shop. If an online shop initially appears to be the perfect solution to attract more customers, the configuration of the underlying server infrastructure in particular harbors numerous pitfalls. An internet retailer like Kartenmacherei cannot afford a server failure. The specialist for individually printed cards relies on maxcluster as a hosting partner, a provider in Paderborn specializing in e-commerce. Because the company needs reliable web hosting for its online shop in order to offer its customers an optimal shopping experience with stable page performance.

Provision of the server via the provider

Hosting for e-commerce is, on the one hand, about providing external servers. The provider rents servers and the associated hardware to the customer and provides the IT resources in its data center. Sufficient computing power, operating systems and storage space must be provided, which are regularly maintained and updated around the clock. At the same time, permanently available technical support is important for the customer. In this way, especially at maxcluster, he has personal contact with the provider in the event of an alarm and does not have to use a cumbersome ticket system. The problem can usually be solved quickly and without additional fees, without the end customer noticing a drop in performance and the retailer noticing a drop in sales.

Managed hosting: configuration of the hardware by the provider

But the offer goes even further: the server provider not only provides the infrastructure, but also manages it. This is particularly helpful for larger online shops such as card-making or small and medium-sized businesses that do not have sufficient expertise for hosting in the cloud. With managed hosting, the provider configures hardware and software and replaces defective hardware. This has various advantages:

  • Availability, reliability and performance: The systems are permanently maintained by the provider so that the infrastructure is continuously available. The provider also takes care of the patch management, which the customer takes on himself with normal hosting. All servers and applications are monitored around the clock. Backups of customer data on a second server and load balancing on several servers ensure the protection and optimal provision of the content. The failure safety of the server is particularly important for e-commerce retailers. This includes constant availability of 99.99 percent on an annual average, which means that the server – for whatever reason – could only be unavailable for 52 minutes a year.
  • Security: The provider regularly examines the applications for weak points, installs firewalls and intrusion detection systems that detect and defuse attacks before they reach the customer. In addition, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is agreed with the customer, which specifies exactly what the provider guarantees in an emergency and what he is liable for.
  • Cost and time: With managed hosting, the online retailer saves all costs for its own servers and highly specialized IT staff. The online retailer can use a Price configurator Put together and calculate your individual managed hosting in just a few steps. There are no hidden costs and fixed monthly fees are usually charged, so that there are no unexpected expenses for maintenance or hardware replacement. But not only the costs are transparent, but the e-commerce company saves online shop operators a lot of time for training staff in hosting, their own maintenance and replacement work and the search for solutions to technical problems.
  • Scalability: Shortly before the Christmas holidays or at larger private parties such as weddings, when consumers order large quantities of cards from merchants such as card makers, the number of times the shop is accessed can increase enormously. Neither the hardware nor the provision should reach their limits. The server performance must be scalable indefinitely when traffic increases and the retailer only pays for the service that he actually uses.

Personal support and reliable service

As part of the e-commerce offering from maxcluster Customers can exclusively check their shops for hacking attacks using the “Shop Security” test system. A malware and domain scan is carried out and the dealer receives a report on possible problems. In this way, attacks can be averted and problems eliminated before they affect the shop. All data is backed up on servers in Germany in accordance with GDPR and a failover system ensures that the data is redirected to other servers in an emergency. In addition, the data center is ISO certified – security standards that even bank customers trust.

Depending on the services, requirements and profiling used, retailers can always put together the ideal configuration for their shop, as the company determines and recommends the optimal configuration. In addition to the customer-specific models, a number of best-practice solutions are also provided in which preconfigured variants are used. If you have any questions or problems, support is available around the clock and it is not machines that answer, but real people! Although the hosting partner does not set up any shops for its customers, it does offer the complete technical background of managed hosting. In this way, customers receive optimal performance for the best customer experience with high conversion rates.

Managed hosting – an important factor for the online shop

Before an online shop can go into operation, the retailer has to think twice and plan well. After all, the shop should ultimately be accepted and actively used by the customer. Hosting is an important factor here, and the penny should not be turned over too often. An investment in hosting is always one of the guarantees for success and security. For this reason, options such as managed hosting should be considered so that the offer is always fail-safe and continuously available and shows optimal performance even at peak times. This is the only way that customers are satisfied with the online shop and that the retailer can achieve and increase the desired sales.