Sexual Content Standard Changes in PlayStation Games

A statement by Sony officials said it was decided to reduce the sexuality in the games in support of the 'I' movement, which is highly involved in social media. Tweets that they support by writing under the tweet, quickly spreading #MeToo movement, Sony has mobilized. As a result of this movement, there is a new standard of sexual content to cover all the games on the console. In this way, it is planned to reduce sexual content on the platform.

The anime art that emerged in Japan is actually the main reason for Sony to take action. Cartoons, animations and computer games, animations come in many areas now. Sometimes animations, which are in the form of normal animations, can sometimes come up with the ways in which girls' sexuality is brought to the fore. Available in many anime game platforms under the adult category. According to the company statement, Sony is uncomfortable and does not want to be a target. Not only anime, but the different types of games have been removed in sexual content. These games were sold on the entire game platform including Sony to this point. However, in the next process, Sony will have much more stringent rules. Video sources such as YouTube and Twitch are indicative of this move. Live broadcasts via platforms are monitored by millions of people. Even if there are penalties for prohibition, it is only a matter of time before an image on social media is viral.


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The renewed sexual content policy has not yet been submitted by Sony in writing, but the company is now trying to put pressure on developers. This leads to developers' reaction. Sony has made different demands from developers and developers cannot develop a strategy for what they should do. In some games, it is obvious that Sony is acting according to where the games will be released. In the European versions of the game, the censored parts can be presented as uncensored in Japanese versions.

While trying to stay out of criticism by the public, it is not yet known when Sony is going to write down their sexual content policies, which is expected to show a clear stance for developers.