Shadow Heritage's Release Date Has Been Specified

Assassin's Creed: The release date and price of Shadow Heritage, which is a follow-up to the Hunted DLC of the Odyssey, was announced.

With the DLC entitled Shadow Heritage, players will find themselves investigating a blockade initiated by former emirates in the port city of Achaia. In order to play Shadow Heritage, which is a continuation of the Hunted section, the players must complete Hunted, pass the 7th chapter in the main story and have reached at least the level of 28th.


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The fourth and fifth episode of The Lost Tales of Greece DLC, which Odyssey offers free of charge, will be released this month with the new level feature bölüm The Daughters of Lalaia [andofAPoetTalsLegacy[Withthenewoptionplayersatalllevelsofdifficultywillbeabletoadjusthowhardtheywillbecomparedtothelevelsofenemiesexceptforthe"Nightmare"feature


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Legacy of the First Blade started in early December with Hunted, and introduced the story of Darius, the first assassin to wear a hidden knife. The IGN commented, mu With the short but extremely pleasing addition to the Assassin's Creed Odyssey, etk the IGN added the ve crusaders against the assassins, etk which we are accustomed to and almost absent in the main game. Ey

The release date of the new DLC was As a result of the official statement, 15 January. The price of the package will be 25 dollars.