'ShaRkPG' Game Maneater's Trailer Released

The trailer of Maneater ShaRkPG, which will go on sale on May 22, has been released. The trailer of the game, where the action is not missing even for a moment, was liked by many.

As the release date of PlayStation 5 approaches, the interest in the gaming industry has focused on this new console, but new games for PlayStation 4 continue to be released. The Last of Us: Part II, Cyberpunk 2077, and Ghost of Tsushima Games like are expected by too many people.

A new one is now added to all these powerful games. Maneater, from Tripwire Interactive's ShaRkPG game On May 22 goes on sale worldwide. The trailer of the game, which has attracted the attention of many gamers, has been released today. Given the trailer, the action in the game seems to be at very high levels at any time.

Here is the trailer of the Maneater game:

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Sharks The following words were used in the trailer of this game, in which he traveled: "The depths will be discovered, the food chain will deteriorate, and deadly events will occur because things happen in fear and the hunter becomes prey." While the images used in the trailer are interesting, many people wonder how the game will look.

The game went on sale for 69 liras:

in-game image

Game; It will be playable for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. There is no explanation about the price, which is one of the most curious features of the game, but the game is available in the Epic Games Store. From 69 lira can be pre-ordered. A price has not been announced for other platforms yet.


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Epic Games Storeto the description of the game "Experience the ultimate power as the DOG FISH of the terrible super hunter of the seas! Maneater is a single-player and open-world action RPG (ShaRkPG) that you'll play as a shark. Eat! Explore! Arrival!" in the form of a note.

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