Shoe-tying Robot

Andrew Choi, Gabriela Gomes, Jacklyn Tran, Stephanie Thai and Joel Humes are two engineers at the University of California at the University of California, where they work with a simple mechanism and successfully perform the task. and the $ 600 cost of the shoe-tie-binding robot that they had prepared. The machine has a fairly simple mechanism, but of course the production and design process is not so easy.


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Engineering is one of the most valuable professions of our time and engineering students often exhibit similar projects and talents throughout their education life. It is useful to remember that even if things seem to be 'simple' often, it is a training process and that your engineering is not a simple task.

You can watch the video from Andrew Choi's own YouTube account right from the bottom. The robot, which works with highly logical and functional movements, is sure to win your appreciation as well.