Shooting of The Batman Movie Begins in July

The Batman, one of the films affected by coronavirus, will start filming again in July. The film, which was shot only 25 percent before it was postponed, is expected to be shot in a short time.

Shooting of the new Batman movie postponed due to coronavirus is starting very soon. In this new movie where Matt Reeves sits in the director’s chair, this time we know Batman from movies such as Twilight, Harry Potter. Robert Pattinson To portray.

As with many movies and series, the shooting of Batman was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. New rules introduced by the British government last week, shooting some high-end serials and movies July allowed to start in. With the decision of the British government, it is expected that the sequel of Fantastic Beasts will start shooting outside Batman.

The cast is ambitious

It is not known whether the new Batman movie will meet expectations, but the cast has already attracted attention. Except for Robert Pattinson; Colin Farrell, Andy SarkisThere are actors like Zoe Kravitz. While Andy Sarkis will play Alfred in the movie, we will see Kravitz as Catwoman.

The film’s director, Reeves, filmed The Batman in April of 25 percent had confirmed that it was over. The film, which could not be continued due to the epidemic, will start filming again next month if there is no setback.

Batman’s new movie, which has been adapted to the big screen many times before, is expected to be independent from the previous films. I had previously asked Robert Pattinson Batman A video that we saw in his costume was also shared. Our information about the new movie is currently limited to these. The exact date for The Batman has not been announced, but it is expected to be released in 2021. So, are you hopeful of the new Batman movie? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.