Shortcuts to Control Chrome Tabs

Do you get out of control when you're using Chrome and you're facing dozens of tabs at once? With these shortcuts you can control the checking of tabs.

Our lives have been moved into computers. Today, many businesses are running on computers, and web browsers are our greatest help. The Chrome web browser, developed by Google, is unquestionably the world's most widely used web browser, despite its many performance criticisms. But Google has also thought of users who have actually created a tab pool on Chrome, adding some shortcuts to the different functions of the browser, allowing us to reach a single finger gesture.


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You can control your Chrome tabs on both Windows and Mac by using the following shortcuts. Although the commands are written with the 19 Cmd lay shortcut, Windows users can apply them by pressing the Windows Ctrl asına key instead of ’Cmd d


To turn tabs on or off

New Tab Opening: Cmd + T
Closing an Open Tab: Cmd + W
Reopening the Last Closed Tab: Cmd + Shift + T

To switch between tabs:

To Switch To A Specific Tab: Cmd + Tab Number (1-8)

To Move To The Last Tab: Cmd + 9


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