Shortly Free 5 iOS Games and Apps

Here is a new list of free apps for iOS users. With a total value of 55 TL, we bring you 5 iOS games and apps for a short time with this list.

For Apple's app store, developers regularly make some apps free for a short time. We have compiled this week's free games and applications for you. We can go to our list after saying that the applications can become paid and you should keep your hand quickly.

1. Easy Sprending – Expense Tracker

free ios apps

Normal price: $ 6

If you're having trouble checking your money and looking for a good account book app, Easy Sprending is for you. With Easy Sprending, one of the best money management apps for iPhone and iPad, you can see all your income and expenses. The application can also prepare reports for you and save them to the cloud.

2. Battleship Classic Board Game

free ios games

Normal price: $ 6

Battleship Classic Board Game, like the mobile version of the flagship sunk game that we all know, can give you a lot of fun. The game, which won the first prize in the best table games category in the App Store in Russia and Ukraine in 2014, forces you to plan to upset your opponents without damaging your ship.

3. iSchool – School diary

free ios apps

Normal price: $ 25

iSchool – School diary, a study organizer and timetable app for students. Thanks to the application that looks simple but gives you everything you need, you can take notes, record your homework, take photos of important notes and record audio.

4. CostDiary PRO

free ios apps

Normal price: $ 6

CostDiary PRO, which has basically the same functionality as Easy Sprending, performs its users' daily budget calculation with a very simple and clean interface. The main feature of CostDiary PRO that differs from Easy Sprendig is its simplicity and simplicity. If you are looking for an app to control your money, you can take a look at CostDiary PRO with Easy Sprending.

5. Tiny Paint Pro-Pad Doodle Draw

free ios apps

Normal price: $ 12

Tiny Paint Pro is a popular photo editing application because it is easy to use and has a lot of features. With Tiny Paint, you'll be able to create photos, draw pictures, and retouch any image in minutes. You won't have any trouble doing all this.

We have come to the end of our article, where we share the games and applications we have chosen from the App Store's discounts this week. You can share your comments with us in the comments section. Free games and applications will continue to share with you in the coming days. Stay tuned not to miss 🙂