Shortly Free 9 Android Games and Application

Google Play Store discounts offered to users for free games and applications we share with you this week section of our articles with 9 free games and applications. Let's take a closer look at this week's free games and applications.

Welcome to our list of games and apps that come out on a weekly basis in Google's Play Store, where you can find the highlights that come completely free. You can download the applications or games that you will enjoy in our list by using them for free. After reminding you that these discounts are valid for a short time, let's go to our list immediately.

1. Bandacam: The professional Black & White Camera

If you are interested in black and white photos Bandacam is the app for you. Thanks to its professional settings, you can take full control of your photos and see the effects live during shooting.

2. Cosmic Privacy Browser

Cosmic Privacy Browser may be the browser you are looking for nowadays when we need privacy-oriented internet browsers. Flash Player support, built-in ad blocker, as well as the unique features of the classic web browsers that offer all the features of the application that contains the link can be downloaded using the link below.

3. Complex Number Calculator

Trading complex numbers, often used in advanced mathematics and engineering, requires scientific calculators that stand out at high prices. However, you can easily perform these operations with Complex Number Calculator without buying an extra device. You can download this application which has polar form support commonly used in electrical engineering from the link below.

4. Poke Me

Drinking the right amount of water at the right times, which is seen as the first step of a healthy life, can sometimes be neglected with the hustle and bustle of life. If you forget to drink water during the day, you can create your own drinking reminder with Poke Me app.

5. Tap tap cartoonist – Cartoon999 (VIP)

Tap tap cartoonist – Cartoon999 (VIP) is a popular game called Cartoon 999. In the game you can join Mr.Paper's adventure of taking over the world, you can customize your character, participate in special events and witness many more fun moments.

6. Crazy Sonny

You will experience the action with Sonny Crazy Sonny; with high-quality graphics, game mechanics and missionary story mode you can connect to yourself. You can download the game to show the enemies who the boss is using the link below.

7. Defender Battle: Hero Kingdom Wars

If you are one of the players who enjoy strategy games, we recommend you to give Defender Battle: Hero Kingdom Wars a chance. With its free premium version, it has a lot of gifts like 200 free diamonds and you can use the link below to start the game one step ahead.

8. Aspire UX S9 – Icon Pack

The icon packages that we have included in the last part of our list may attract the attention of our followers who want to change the interface appearance of their phone. You can download this icon pack, which Samsung offers on the S9 and is liked by many, using the link below.

9. Graycon Icon Pack

If you want a different icon pack instead of using S9 icons, you can consider Graycon Icon Pack as the second option in our list. You can use the link below to fill your interface with hand-drawn cute icons.

We have come to the end of our list of games and applications that you can download for free from the weekly discounts of the Google Play Store. You can share your favorite applications and games with us in the comments section. We will continue to share articles with you in the coming days. Stay tuned not to miss 🙂