Shouting the World with Messages He Gives +18 Music Videosu!

Childish Gambino, a world-renowned actor who has won a global reputation for his feature films and music, has created a great debate in the world media with his latest clip.

There is a coercive method that has been applied since the early 2000s in the US media culture: to criticize the system using the system. These criticisms are unequaled by artists in the United States, the largest capital of global capitalism. We often meet these criticisms in the world's most watched or listened movies or songs.

Societies that are the slaves of money, arms, trafficking, drugs, and consumption cultures beyond all of them … These societies are a critique of the system as a center they start to silence against the system. In recent days, a black artist Donald Glover's clip, which shook the music market with the name of Childsh Gombino, leads to similar controversy.

I suggest you watch the clip before going on to the controversy and interesting similarities:

You expect, but not necessarily, that the images contain other things, with joyful music, programmed melodies and outputs to dance. Gombino refers to the distortions of a so-called "free" society such as individual armament and the screening of schools with these weapons, racism, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and so on.

July 4, a feast celebrated in the United States as Independence Day. Gombino says that on this occasion, people want to celebrate with more things in mind. Referring to the violent content of the video, producer Ivra Ake underscores that the content is intended to react to American life.

Another interesting point is the adaptation of the song "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen, who rose to the hit singles years ago and is still very much heard:

Obviously, this event was consciously done by the producers, of course. Modern pop or rock songs are composed at a standard tempo of 120 BPM rhythm. From this point of view, we can say that Gombino wants to reach the masses more easily by using standards. The effect of the video is also increasing on this.