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No matter which operating system you are using on your computer, hidden folders and files are not shown to the user. The system and update files, device drivers, and settings for installed programs are included in these files. Show hidden files on Mac is a bit problematic, but there is no problem after you know how to do it.

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You may need to edit these files under some requirements, or you may need to access confidential files and folders. It is a bit more difficult to make these files visible on Mac than other operating systems.

Show hidden files on a Mac

You can use the following 2 methods to show hidden files on a Mac operating system:

Terminal Method

 Mac Terminal

Show hidden files and folders on Mac

Show hidden files and folders

  1. Applications -> Other -> Terminal
  2. Opened pencerede screena

Defaults Write Com.Apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean Yes; All hidden files and folders are visible when you type the command killall Finder

and press Enter.

.Finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean No;

Revealer Program Method

Revealer Program Method

This method, which is simpler than other methods, provides Revealer can be done with ease. After installing the program you downloaded your computer with simple installation, we start the program. In the application that opens, there are two windows named Show Hidden Files (show or hide hidden files) and Show ~ / Library (show library). The first window is used for hidden files, while the other shows the window library. Files and folders are visible or hidden from the Show Hidden Files windows by clicking on the Show or Hidden buttons located at the bottom.

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