Single Question Giant Survey: Are You Watching TV?

The war between the new media outlets and the traditional media, where the biggest tool is television, continues. Today, as the rating returns to ından like and share ız day by day, our followers will be watching television. The television is still in many homes where the signals from the cable or satellite enter a cycle that does not end with continuous broadcasting. No matter what you look at, television broadcasts no longer show any interest.

Arrays, movies and programs are being published in bands, and when you miss live broadcasts, there's no turning back. Although some platforms bring solutions such as broadcast recording and early warning, the controls are about to lose the battle.

New media channels are the key topic of interaction. The diversity of these media, which uses the influence of social media, is increasing day by day. Netflix, once selling movies and series DVDs to people on the internet, has now become a cloud publishing giant. Disney will start serving new platforms next fall. In our country with examples such as PuhuTV and Blu TV, we can watch both domestic and foreign productions instantly.

The winner of this war is already clear. However, television is a media tool that is difficult to abandon as an old habit. So how long does this habit take us every day? Most importantly, the audience is now adapting to new media.

In order to find answers to the questions in our minds, we leave the promise to you again: