Sinovac Inaccessible from Turkey to the Company’s Website

Turkish hackers hacked in recent days by the company Sinovac Unable to access the website from Turkey. It is thought that the difficulty in accessing the website may have something to do with this hacking incident that happened recently.

Coronavirus vaccine producing Sinovac’s website, Recently Hacked by Turkish hackers, The logos of the hacker group were added to the visual section at the entrance of the site and some messages were posted. Although Sinovac took back its website in a short time, the event was especially on the social media.

Sinovac China-based company, bought from Turkey CoronaVac vaccine is known for producing. The event that brings the company to the agenda this time is on the official website. Unable to access from Turkey to be happened. It was noteworthy that VPN users were able to log into the site without any problems. Failure to do access the website from Turkey, has recently experienced may have something to do with the hacking is being considered.

To Sinovac’s website is inaccessible from Turkey:

error on sinovac website

China-based Sinovac from Turkey who want to enter the website, “your IP address is not allowed to visit the web site!” encounters warning. HaberT├╝rk writer Fatih Altayl─▒, who brought the issue to the agenda, carried the said access barrier to his current corner and used the following statements:

“Vaccines in Turkey started to be entered into Sinovac’s web site, and what they announced on the situation in Turkey, as well as phase 3 studies conducted in other countries (Indonesia and Brazil) wanted to learn the latest developments. However, very interesting one with the situation I came across

Sinovac, currently the only country with its vaccines Turkey has blocked internet access to the site.

I am not kidding.

When you enter, the official website of Sinovac, you will see the text ‘Your ip is not allowed to visit this website’.

So this website your ip address is not accessible the answer was given.

(Again, which I hope belongs to this company When I entered the address, I could not find any information about the company producing a vaccine against Covid-19. There is only one line in the R and D section that there are studies to produce corona vaccine.)

Its most important product is now only used in Turkey a company, access the Internet address from Turkey closes why?

I suppose your firm Turkey distributor will give an answer. “


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As to why Sinovac’s website is not accessible from our country yet no official statement was made. We will continue to inform you if there are new developments. Stay tuned to be informed about developments.

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