Siri answered 78% of questions in IQ Test

Loup Ventures named the company an IQ test on intelligent assistants in the past days

The development of artificial intelligence and intelligent assistants is gaining momentum every day. Our assistants, who are consistently 'smarter', have to participate in some tests to prove their abilities. Finally Loup Ventures performed a test of 800 questions on the names Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Now. According to the results of the test, Siri became a smart assistant, recording the greatest improvement rate in 1 year.

Many questions were asked to the assistants in the fields like 'My People, Shopping, Map' and the analysts determined the correct understanding and correct answer rates. According to the results, Siri had a correct understanding rate of 99% and correct response rate of 78.5%. Siri, who achieved 95% and 66.1% of success on the same test last year, is the most respected assistant with an accurate answer rate of 12.4%.

Despite all these high growth rates, however, Siri is still behind Google Now. The smartest artificial intelligence of Google's assistant. The rate of understanding the question is 100% and the correct answer rate is 85.5%. Google Now, which achieved a close result, completed the test by leaving all the smart assistants behind. Cortana and Alexa are much lower than their competitors. In both of the assistants, the correct understanding rate was 98% and the correct response rates were 52% and 61%, respectively



            It is now possible to send a message over Siri to WhatsApp Groups

Loup Ventures refuses to publish a list of questions asked, but claims that all questions were picked from among the most directed by users. But of course there is a possibility that the difficulty level between the 800 questions is high and unpredictable.