Sixt Plus: car subscription has fewer restrictions than expected

The Sixt Plus car subscription allows you to change the car class at any time and without limits. This was announced by Sixt On the Sixt Plus product page there is still no indication of this. Also in the Press release on the launch of Sixt Plus this possibility is not mentioned. complained at the start of Sixt Plus that the subscription did not allow a change of the car class.

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With the option of changing the car class at any time with Sixt Plus, the subscription is particularly interesting for families. They can rent a small car throughout the year, which allows them to use small parking spaces in large cities. If a vacation trip is planned and space for luggage is required, a larger car class can be booked for a month. “There are no additional fees when changing a vehicle class”, announced Sixt

“The same deadlines apply for changing vehicles as for canceling the car subscription. There is currently no limit to how often a change in vehicle class can be carried out”said Sixt. Only the monthly costs for the car class change. If a higher class is booked, it becomes more expensive. The change in class will be carried out by the responsible Sixt branch: “The supervising station makes this change during the term and can do so without an additional entry fee.”

Use abroad at Sixt Plus costs 10 euros per month

The vehicle included in the Sixt Plus subscription may only be driven in Germany at no extra charge. If you want to leave the country on vacation, you have to pay an additional € 9.99 per month, as found out when asked by Sixt. On the Sixt Plus website, reference is currently made to the international costs, but the amount is not mentioned. Anyone traveling in Europe by car does not have to pay the foreign surcharge for each country individually. “The international option applies to all countries”, it was said. also learned from Sixt the additional costs for a second driver: “An additional driver costs 19.99 euros a month.” in the Sixt Plus FAQ area it is mentioned that an additional driver is liable to pay the costs, but the amount of the fees is not mentioned there.

Cheapest car costs EUR 350 per month at Sixt Plus

Sixt Plus was launched a week ago. As with car rental, you can choose from different car classes. It is not possible to book a specific car. The cars should be a maximum of one year old, and a subscription includes a new vehicle at least once a year. Monthly fees vary depending on the car class. The cheapest model costs 350 euros and is called the VW Polo car class. The most expensive model is the Mercedes S-Class car class with a monthly cost of 1,350 euros.

The subscription includes maintenance costs, vehicle tax, broadcasting fees as well as liability, fully comprehensive and theft protection insurance. The latter has a deductible of 2,000 euros. The sum can be reduced for an additional charge. The costs for the main inspection, approval, deregistration and winter tires are included in the price. As with car rental, there are also fuel costs.

In addition to the monthly subscription fees, a one-off entry fee of EUR 200 is payable for new contracts. A credit or debit card is required to use Sixt Plus. Prepaid credit cards are not accepted.

There are few free kilometers compared to rental cars

The rent includes 500 free kilometers per month. For comparison: If you book a normal rental car for one month with Sixt, you will receive 3,600 free kilometers. Each additional kilometer driven is charged 20 cents for the car subscription. If you drive significantly more than 500 km per month, you should consider topping up the mileage allowance. Depending on the selected vehicle type, fees vary.

Small cars are charged 35 euros per month for 1,000 km, 2,000 km are 53 euros more expensive. For larger models, 2,000 free kilometers can mean a surcharge of EUR 100 per month. More than 2,000 free kilometers per month are
Subscription not offered. If you want to go further away by car, you have to expect considerable additional costs. An additional 200 euros will be charged for 1,000 additional kilometers. The kilometers traveled must be sent to Sixt every month. If this is forgotten, penalty fees of 9.99 euros are due in the first month, after which they increase to 19.99 euros.

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