Sketches of Samsung's Foldable Device

According to the draft drawings of the foldable device, which is claimed to belong to Samsung, on the World Intellectual Property Organization, the device may have directional buttons and six physical keys. Unpacked will announce the event. In addition, patents of the South Korean technology giant for folding screen technology have also emerged. Finally, the company has patented a foldable device with a detachable display. Apart from all these, a different foldable product patent of the company appeared on the World Intellectual Property Organization website.


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Samsung's new folding screen was patented by Samsung Display in December 2017 and approved on January 29, 2019. According to the draft of the device, the screen of the device could be folded outwards by means of the hinge in the middle. The new patent also informs you that there will be six different physical keypads positioned on the device, the D-Pad (direction keys) and vertically positioned. In addition, the part where the keys are folded outwards provides full screen experience and the physical keys are positioned on the right side of the device. There are no other keys or sensors in the patent of the device.


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At the moment, only these are visible from the draft drawings of the device. These drawings are currently unknown for a new device or for existing devices.