Slack Has Started Testing Dark Mode on iOS and Android

Slack's dark mode will have more gray tones than modes in other applications.

Slack, the communication application that companies and their employees use frequently, has moved on for the dark mode, where many applications have started to broadcast.

Launching a beta record for the test phase, Slack accepts the users in the testing process with a simple reference from mobile applications. To join the Beta period, you can select the 'Join Beta' option at the bottom of the 'Settings' tab of your Slack mobile app.


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When you enter this tab, you will see a form asking for your first name and e-mail address. When you complete and approve the form, you will see a checkbox at the bottom. After this stage, all you have to do is to be informed by Slack. If you don't see the tabs mentioned above in your app, you may need to update your mobile app.


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Dark mode, which is a very useful application to save power, meets us with a completely black theme in other popular applications, but the situation in Slack is different. The company has created a theme that includes grays instead of a completely black theme. However, several tips will be available for users to use the application more efficiently.