Smaller OLED for living room and desk

LG finally wants to offer a smaller OLED television. So far, OLED TVs have only been available from at least 55 inches, i.e. 1.40 meters diagonal. The OLED48CX, on the other hand, has only 48 inches, i.e. a diagonal of 1.22 meters. It also fits in smaller living rooms or on furniture with a smaller footprint.

Like all smart TVs presented at CES, the 48CX uses LG's third-generation Alpha 9 processor. A new algorithm called AI Picture Pro improves the image reproduction and the sound of the 48CX (AI Sound Pro). The television also has Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos on board and it also offers the so-called Filmmaker mode.

With Dolby Vision IQ, the contrast should be adapted to the lighting conditions in the room. Similar to the HDR modes, the Filmmaker mode is automatically activated when a flag is also sent in the data stream. Then the TV deactivates image optimizations such as the intermediate image calculation or changes to the gamma curve in order to offer the most genuine image impression possible – as the director intended.

The OLED48CX has 49 inches in diagonal and shows 4K resolution.
(Image: heise online / Ulrike Kuhlmann)

The special thing apart from the new size is in another area: The OLED48CX is G-Sync compatible and therefore also the first choice for gamers. Its switching speed is one millisecond, whereby the OLED does the brightness changes without overdrive tutoring and thus completely streak-free.

You can also control the 4K display at 120 Hertz. However, the color resolution is reduced to 4: 2: 0. The HDMI port is to blame: Although it is available in version 2.1 with sufficient bandwidth in the OLED48CX, Nvidia has so far only considered version 2.0 in its compatibility check. The problem does not arise for monitors, because you can control them while gaming via DisplayPort. But that is missing in TVs.

Nvidia confirmed to c't at CES that the compatibility measurements do not currently provide for 4K displays to be controlled via HDMI. But you have the problem in view and will expand the specification for G-Sync compatible so that if the demand increases. That could be the case with the nimble, chic OLED 48CX.

At CES, LG could not say when the 48-inch device will be launched. However, the product manager expects to launch this year. The price for the small OLED TV is still open. If you look at the prices of the other LG OLEDs in the past year, the device should initially not cost more than 2000 euros – and should then drop in price relatively quickly.


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