Smart Clock Viita Titan HRV

Viita, an intelligent watchmaker based in Austria with an office in Kayseri's Melikgazi district, has reached its target turnover over 1.30 hours via Kickstarter with its new watch.

It is possible to see interesting projects on Kickstarter. Some of these projects attract attention by reaching the designated funding target in a short time. The Viita Titan HRV smart watch, developed by Viita Watches, a new project, is one such remarkable task. Meanwhile, Viita Watches has an office in Kayseri Melikgazi district according to LinkedIn.

The Viita Titan HRV is not called "titan" because it is a remarkable effort, because the company has signed a different design using a titanium body. Inspired by classic clock designs, the lines are dazzling with a sapphire touchscreen.

Unlike other intelligent watches, the Titan HRV, which gives a new dimension to the job with the stress level measurement, can make 19 unique sports measurements. At the same time, it is also possible to create reminders for different tasks with the special application found in the clock.

Viita says the Titan HRV can be used for up to 2 weeks without charging at all. This usage period is probably related to the low power mode supported by the clock operator.


If you are using full performance, you will need bigger batteries, bigger bodies, so smart hours can last up to 2 weeks.
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Turkey, for sales in the Middle East and surrounding regions were responsible for Viita office in Kayseri smart clock can examine the Kickstarter page here. The price of Saatin is 279 Euros, which is close to 2100 TL without tax according to the current rate