Smart Contact Lens Standing Like Science Fiction Product

Many technological devices that we use today seem to be science fiction from 50 to 60 years ago. Some companies are currently working on technologies that come to our ears like science fiction. One of these companies is Mojo Vision, which works on intelligent contact lenses.

What we see mostly in science fiction films; Night vision enhancing, precision interface contact lenses, With Mojo Vision can become reality. Mojo Vision has been working on this technology for five years, which will actually bring its user to “superpowers”. The Mojo Lens is made up of a small screen and accompanying micro-electronic components so that you can gather virtual reality in a single contact lens.

The company's goal here is for the interface that you can only use, see eye-tracking a screen. Thanks to the lens, time-based tasks such as appointments, messages, to-do lists, alarms can be performed. Mojo said they have software that can understand the context of the declarations. This means that your point of view will not be interrupted by unnecessary data.

Make smart contact lenses

smart lens

Although it is quite enjoyable to talk about this kind of technology and imagine that such a technology can be used, it is not easy to pinch a smart screen that can perform eye tracking and perform many required operations into a small lens. Already the company's current demo instead of real contact lenses virtual reality helmets uses.

Of course, Mojo Vision is not the first company to consider developing such a smart lens. Earlier Alphabet de Verily had tried to step into the world of intelligent contact lenses. The company, working on diabetes test lenses, had to shelve its project in 2018 as it could not yet overcome the challenges of making such a lens.

The first versions of this technology from Mojo Vision defect of vision Focus on people who have. Another objective of the company is to have a battery that can last all day. So it can be charged when removed in the evening.

Yet in its infancy

smart lens

Although only 0.48 mm thick 14 thousand ppi This lens promises pixel density and seems to have sprung from science fiction movies. But the first version of the company's smart micro displays will have simple, green graphics rather than high-quality visualization that comes to mind first.


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Of course, in order to have such a technology, we need to wait a few more years. At this stage, the company is supported by giants such as HP Tech Ventures, LG and Motorola Solutions. final productn plans to make such an initiative after the exit.

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