Smart door opener: Nello One should continue to be usable

The startup Locumi Labs with its smart door opener Nello One apparently has a new owner: the Italian smart home company Sclak should take over the company and continue its products. That reported Overclockers citing a reader who, as a customer of Nello One, received a corresponding e-mail.

Job market

  1. Schaeffler Monitoring Services GmbH, Herzogenrath
  2. Information and Technology North Rhine-Westphalia (IT.NRW), Dusseldorf, Hagen

After Locumi Labs filed for bankruptcy, users feared that Nello One would be unusable. The smart door opener works cloud-based, without the corresponding server, the device is useless.

Sclak is said to continue to operate the servers, which would mean that Nello One could be used as before. Users simply have to agree that Locumi Labs user information will be shared with Sclak.

Nello One is connected to intercom

Unlike other smart door locks, Nello One is connected to a door opening system: the system can be integrated into existing intercoms to control them remotely. If a tenant is not at home, he can still let people into a tenement by opening the front door by accessing the intercom.

In order for people to enter the apartment, a smart door lock on the front door is also required. This must be purchased from another supplier, because Locumi Labs does not have such a lock in its range. Sclak itself offers a smart cylinder that the company could sell well with Nello One.