Smart Home: AVM starts selling Fritz RGB lamps and buttons

AVM already presented new smart home accessories for the Fritzbox ecosystem in autumn 2019. Now they can be bought. The Fritzdect 500 is an LED lamp that shines in white and colored tones. There is also the new Fritzdect 440 button that complements the Fritzdect 400 button that is already available. It is a sensor with four buttons and an e-paper display in the middle.

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According to the AVM, both products can be integrated into existing smart home networks. The sensors communicate via the Dect protocol with a Fritzbox, which acts as a smart home gateway. The use of Dect is quite unusual and many other manufacturers use other transmission paths. Therefore, the products can primarily be used in the AVM ecosystem.

The Fritzdect 500 can be screwed into a conventional E27 lamp holder. This is widespread in ceiling lights. However, AVM emphasizes that the lamp can only be used with Fritz boxes that are equipped with the new FritzOS 7.20. The current version of the OS can be downloaded from the router’s web interface and installed automatically. An existing Dect Smart Home network is retained.

Push button with temperature meter

The Fritzdect 440 has an advantage over the Fritzdect 400 because it can be used to switch four different logic circuits. In FritzOS you can set which button switches which sensors on or off. Simple adjustments are also possible, for example a time switch – but complex scripts are not. The AVM button is equipped with a temperature sensor and can also show the ambient temperature on the e-paper display. Like the Dect 400, it is glued or screwed to the wall and runs on batteries.

Fritzdect 440 (Image: AVM)

Both sensors can now be bought. The Fritzdect 440 costs 60 euros. For the Fritzdect 500 LED lamp, 40 euros will be charged. A Fritzbox as a gateway should be available.

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