"Smart Phone Value Added Decreased by 0.6%"

The distance between communication equipment and information technology equipment has been shrinking since the 1990s with the introduction of the Internet. The latest reports show that this is in favor of communications equipment, and that these devices are growing.

What we call communication equipment is actually any equipment used for telecommunications purposes. The largest manufacturers of these equipment, as many of us can predict, are China, the US and Japan, while the largest suppliers are Huawei, Cisco, Fujitsu and Nokia.

's electronic information production industry has shown a trend of progress. While the value added of the communication equipment industry increased by 13.8% on average each year, the export value increased by 12.6%. Overall, mobile products showed a 4.1% decrease, while this rate was 0.6% for smartphones.


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The amount of increase in the electronics industry is quite high, similar to 13.1%. This ratio should be 6,9% higher than the average of all other industries. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies, the increase in electronics is considerably higher than they expect.