Smart Watch at the Same Time Technology and Stylish: Sofie 2.0

The features that smart watch manufacturers have recently added to their products make the daily life of the users much easier. In addition to functionality, one of the watches that draws attention with its design is quite different from the present. The Sofie 2.0 produced by Fossil is a highly successful smart watch that blends technology and style. Renowned watchmaker, a new smart watch designed by taking lessons from his first experience, demonstrates a very successful device in Sofie 2.0.

Sofie 2.0; With new features such as pulse measurement, GPS tracking, it is designed to give its users a great experience. With the latest version of WearOS installed, this smart watch also features a NFC payout feature. Silver, gold, pink and silver / pink 4 different color options will be released on the smart watch, will be indispensable to your daily life.


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The Sofie 2.0 is equipped with the Snapdragon Wear 2100 as a processor, delivering a good performance compared to the previous model. According to other smart watches, Sofie 2.0, which does not only have sports use, has already collected it.


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