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Parents' smoking is more likely to affect children. The kid thinks it's a good thing because he's seen his parents smoke.

Don't Bring Your Child Without Brushing Your Teeth without Changing Your Clothes! When he smokes all day and comes home, he smells like cigarettes. This situation has a bad effect on children. You can cause the child to disgust you.

The reason I haven't put cigarettes in my mouth until now is the smell of cigarette smoking on my father. On the other hand, I say we have done well.

How do I answer the question sor Can I smoke in the children? In

He asks this question to his circle around a child (19459006). The worst answer to this question is

“Your age is smaller! 19

It can't be such an absurd answer! That is what revives in the mind of the child who hears this answer; I can smoke when I grow up. The first thing that will be done is to start smoking, and when it gets small, it will be the answer to that ”You're older! Ettirmek

. Take care not to drink near the children. If they see it, I'm drinking, but it must be in the way of harmful, non-evil.

The smoking age has fallen to the age of 9.

If you pass out that smoking is bad at a small age, that child is a non-smoker! However, at home, this training should be given and children should be considered to be a bad thing to smoke. The children start smoking to admit and to be accepted in the environment of friends. However, proper education does not give any kind of smoke to the child.

Smoking in childhood starts after 10 years of age. It is known that the children who were introduced to smoking in the family started smoking at an early age. Behaviors of family members, close relatives or individuals to be identified can be determinants of the child's behavior.

Smoking should not be allowed in the car as well as in the home environment. The air volume of the car is small and the passive effect of cigarette smoke is much more intense.


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