Snapchat locks Trump out indefinitely

The instant messenger service Snapchat permanently blocked the account of the incumbent US President Donald Trump on Wednesday. In response to the storm that Trump triggered on the US Capitol, Snapchat initially only temporarily locked him out.

According to data from Reuters Snapchat acted “in the interests of public safety and based on its attempts to spread misinformation, hate speech and incitement to violence.” Some existing content, such as stories, can still be accessed on Snapchat. Trump and his team can no longer add new content.

Even before Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram had permanently thrown the outgoing US president out of their service. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg saw too high a risk that Trump could use the services of Facebook and Instagram for the rest of his term in office to undermine a peaceful transition to the newly elected US President Joe Biden.

Trump himself had fired the storm on the Capitol of his Trump supporters via social media. This interrupted the formal confirmation of the presidential election results by the US Congress. Five people died in the riot. Trump had published a video in which he spoke out against violence, but it continued to propagate electoral fraud.

Twitter also permanently blocked Donald Trump’s account after the riot. YouTube followed suit on Wednesday and blocked Trump’s YouTube channel, but initially only for a week, it was said.


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