Snapchat Lost 3 Million Active Users in Second Quarter

Snapchat disclosed its second quarter reports. According to reports, the company lost 3 million daily active users in the second quarter. Snapchat, one of the most popular social media applications in a period, is continuing its trend of losing users, which Instagram has launched with its 'Stories' feature. According to company reports, Snapchat lost 3 million active users per month in the second quarter of the year covering April-May-June.


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But it would not be too accurate to link Snapchat's fall only to Instagram Stories. At the beginning of this year, Snapchat updated its interface to bring a new 'breath' to practice. But loyal Snapchat users were not happy with the new interface and even launched a campaign on to bring the company back to the old interface.

Snapchat continues to lose active users and active users every day, but the company's second- even exceeded your estimate. Wall Street predicted that the company would generate $ 250 million in revenue in the second quarter. Snapchat reported that the second quarter revenue was $ 262 million.


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Interestingly, Wall Street ignored Snapchat's ongoing loss of users and focused on the company's expected high revenue. This caused the Snapchat shares to increase in the short term. Snapchat, who is competing with Instagram, who constantly develops himself, will figure out a way for himself