Snapchat Makes Stories Use for Media Partners

Snapchat entered into a new deal, losing most of its users by adding its most basic feature to Instagram.

Snapchat announces that it will open up the stories of users shared on the platform to media partners. With this new feature Snapchat; Any open Snaps sent by the user will be opened to media partners in the "Our Stories" section. Partners will be able to complete their own videos with this story.

Recently, news organizations like CNN and NBC News will be able to complete their videos on Snapchat, taking sections from users. If you go to watch a game, for example, you add Snapchat to our "Stories" section, you can see your story in the content of a sports channel partnering with Snapchat. In short, new reporters will be Snapchat users.


            Snapchat, Non-Returning Sona Coming

Last month, about 3 million users lost, Snapchat seems to have chosen such a method to get up again. Perhaps a little bit of Snapchat will be able to get a believer in this way.

Nonetheless, Instagram succeeded in destroying Snapchat so much that over 200 million people used the story feature in November. This suggests Instagram serves more than 50 million daily users from Snapchat. Will this feature of Snapchat be able to restore the mass carried to Instagram? We will see together