Snapdragon 875 Can Support 100W Fast Charge

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 chipset, which is expected to be introduced next December, was claimed to support 100 W fast charging. Snapdragon 875, which is already known to be a result of the 5 nm production process, will bring a price increase with new power increases.

Chipset developed by Qualcomm for smartphones and tablet computers Snapdragonmany today Android powers the smartphone. Snapdragon chipsets used in both entry-level and top-class devices with many different models, with Snapdragon 800 series admiral ship appears on smart phones.

The latest and most powerful Snapdragon chipset currently on the market, released in late last year Snapdragon 865 model. Many Android flagships currently on the market, such as the Galaxy Note20 family, Xiaomi Mi 10, OnePlus 8, and OPPO Find X2, take their power from this chipset. According to a new claim, the next generation Snapdragon 875will come with significant power increases compared to its predecessor.

Snapdragon 875 will support 100 W fast charging systems:

Snapdragon 875

The source of the allegations is Digital Chat Station, a social media user famous for leaks. New Snapdragon 875 chipsets, according to the famous data miner, 100 W fast charging systems and these chipsets are the first to have big battery capacity on gaming phones will come across.

Qualcomm, which is also known to work on Snapdragon 865+, Snapdragon 875 December It is expected to launch in the first quarter of next year. In the previous reports, the chipset specified by TSMC to start trial production, 5 nm It will add a new breath to mobile platforms by leaving a production process.

The cost of flagship smartphones will increase:

samsung galaxy note20

At this point, the most important point for us end users is that of a chipset that comes out of the 5 nm production process and supports 100 W fast charging. costs it will be. According to industry-close sources, the Snapdragon 875 will be much more expensive than its already expensive predecessor, and at least compared to the previous generation $ 100 will be produced at an extra cost.


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This year on the Android front $ 1,000 We have seen many models that draw attention with their price. These high costs, annoys users also can affect the users’ preferences as abroad in Turkey. If the claims are true, we may see reductions in the sales of flagship phones.

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