So Pinterest now wants to address advertisers – eCommerce magazine

The new marketing campaign is based on the possibilities of Pinterest for five different advertising verticals, from auto and retail to financial services, technology and beauty. The campaign is now over different channels such as specialist publications, ads in social networks such as LinkedIn, organic posts in social networks and published on the company website.

Reach consumers without brand loyalty

On Pinterest, advertisers have a unique opportunity to reach consumers if they are looking for specific products but have not yet decided on a brand. Pinterest’s audience is diverse, but pinners around the world have one thing in common: 97 percent of theirs Top searches on Pinterest do not contain trademarks. That means businesses of all sizes have a chance to be discovered on Pinterest.

Companies can use Pinterest to reach people who are planning what to buy next. After all, 83 percent of weekly pinners act because of content they get from Brands on Pinterest have seen a purchase. So brands can not only reach your audience on Pinterest, they can become exactly what their target audience is looking for: their next project, next discovery, or next purchase.

Marketing campaign “Be the next” has started

The title of the current marketing campaign is therefore “Be the next”. And: “Your target group is here. Not to feel envy. Or out of fear of missing out. Or to doom scroll ”, it says in one of the campaign spots. “If you take a digital break, don’t delete our app. Because we’re not about selfies. It’s about them. They are looking for the next inspiration to save, the next idea to try, the next purchase. Will you be There? Be the next discovery – on Pinterest. ”

“On Pinterest, advertisers have the potential to connect with more than 450 million people who they are early on in their business Customer journey are located. And that is when they have an idea of ​​what they want, but have not yet decided on a brand. Ads on Pinterest are therefore not only effective, they also enrich the pinder’s experience. They help consumers plan future projects and ultimately influence their next purchase decision, ”explains Jim Habig, Global Head of Business Marketing at Pinterest.

Visha Naul, Director of Business Marketing for Europe at Pinterest, adds: “Pinterest offers a valuable advantage for companies of all sizes, which can be discovered based on the relevance of their content and the quality of their products. Ads on Pinterest are not only effective, they also enrich the pinder’s experience. They help consumers plan their future projects and lead to action: whether they are trying out an idea, looking for more information or buying a product. These factors make the platform relevant for advertisers and have enabled us to double the number of advertisers in Europe last year. ”

Reach 450 million monthly users with Pinterest

Last year did Pinterest, the visual search engine for discovering ideas, has gained more than 100 million new monthly active users and now enables advertisers to reach a global audience of 450 million monthly users. This growth is driven by Target groups like the GenZredefining traditional ways of using Pinterest and showing engagement in a wider range of categories such as entertainment, tech, and financial planning.

When users come to Pinterest, they are open-minded and don’t know exactly what to look for until they find the right product or service. Therefore, the probability that they will discover new brands through advertisements on digital platforms is 60 percent higher (source: Global Web Index, Germany Q2-Q3 2020). And they’re even 40 percent more likely to buy from these brands than non-pinners. (sg)

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