Social Media Giant Facebook Accused Of Racism This Time

Facebook, one of the world's largest companies in the field of social media, came up with racism this time. The company issued an apology for the racist incidents in the company.

Social media giant FacebookIn recent years, many large and small scandal has come up. The American company now apologized for its pro-racist corporate policy.

About a year ago, former Facebook administrator Mark Luckie, the company “black workers and black users.. A group of black people, Latin origin and Asian According to the female user has not changed much since then. In an anonymous letter published on Medium, FB Blind The group accused Facebook of supporting racism against its employees.

Racism problem appeared on Facebook

facebook racism

Group employees in the post, in-house application as they also support images Blind It showed that people from minorities over were routinely harassed. In one case, for example, a manager is trying to persuade two of her friends to give negative comments to two people from minorities. Even if one's colleagues refuse to do so and apply to human resources, there is no result. In another example, a ruler from minorities is being pushed by two white executives to gather their backs.

The cases are not limited to this. After a presentation by a black expert decommissioning requested, “the smart man who thinks he's smart and smarter than anyone else, he should be taken away as soon as possible ” recorded in the phrase.

Facebook apologized


The group says they do not disclose their names. Facebook It is a place that is hostile to non-white people and threatens to be unemployed at any time. They also say that if the division draws attention, the M team, their trusted leader, will do something effective, but the cycle of discrimination and racism will not change.

Facebook shared this post with a public posting apologized. Vice president of company communications Bertie ThomsonSaid that no one on Facebook or anywhere should take such an attitude. Thomson said they were upset and said it was against everything they believed, adding that they listened to the employees and worked to do better.