Social media: Twitch blocks Trump and Reddit Trump supporters

Amazon-owned live streaming service Twitch has temporarily blocked US President Donald Trump’s account. The various US media report, including the Reuters news agency. This quotes a spokesman for the provider that Trump’s account has been blocked because of this live “hateful speech” was spread. That violated Twitch’s guidelines.

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The US magazine The Verge says Twitch: “Like everyone else, politicians on Twitch must adhere to our terms of use and community guidelines. We make no exceptions to political or current content and will take action on content that is reported to us that violates our rules.”. The lock on Twitch was triggered after a speech at an older campaign event was retransmitted.

Trump’s campaign team has been running the Twitch site since October. For years there has been criticism of the streaming service provider that it would not enforce its own rules well enough or act too little against sexist content. That’s why Twitch has just started announced a few days agoto act more strongly against corresponding content and already had some known streamers therefore blocked.

Trump supporters blocked on Reddit

In addition to the Trump account on Twitch, Trump supporters are also losing the forum The_Donald on the discussion platform on Reddit. The provider also blocked this group as well as about 2000 other mostly very small forums. According to new rules, users who post hateful messages such as racist content will be blocked in the future, as announced by the platform operator. The Trump supporters group had been in so-called quarantine on Reddit for a year and was therefore less visible.

The group popular with Trump’s supporters The_Donald have
repeatedly violated the rules of the forum, Reddit said
further. The moderators would have refused “our simplest
To meet expectations “
. Social networks have recently come under increasing pressure to act against racism, discrimination and hate messages. Facebook attracted a lot of attention.
Among other things, Facebook had been criticized for the fact that
Companies – unlike Twitter – are not against controversial posts by
Trump was going on.

A Trump spokesman told Reuters that his followers should simply use his campaign app instead of the channels that are no longer available “heard directly from the President.”

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