Social network: Members of WT Social can hire journalists

"The journalists are there to serve"describes Jimmy Wales, founder of Social WT, the tasks he would face in connection with the planned employment of ten to twelve editors by 2020. Addressed to the members said: "So send her out, keep her busy, be the editor-in-chief, and direct her work."

Job market

  1. Neubrandenburger Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH, Neubrandenburg
  2. Stadtwerke Duisburg AG, Duisburg

This has Wales – who is known primarily as the founder of Wikipedia – the British media magazine Press Gazette said,

How the concrete should work, the manager did not say. In particular, it is unclear who in individual cases will send the journalists when and where. Presumably, Wales is likely to come up with a swarm solution, such as with votes.

WT Social is said to have gained around 345,680 members since its launch at the end of October 2019, writes Slash Dot, Since hardly every interested member should be able to entrust his own editor with a research or press trip.

WT Social is – unlike Wikipedia – a purely commercial project of Wales. However, the service does not want to make money from advertising or sharing user data. Instead, the network wants to rely on donations, similar to Wikipedia.

Already at the registration the users can draw the credit card: Who does not want to wait a few days until the activation, gets immediate access with conclusion of a monthly subscription with 12 US dollar or with a yearly subscription for 100 US dollar. The system is far from finished, in addition to many features missing an imprint and privacy policy.

The service originated from the news platform Wikitribune. Members see the posts of others similar to Facebook in a kind of timeline, which in the case of WT Social, however, arranged strictly chronological. It is less about private messages or even selfies, but about links to reports of all kinds. Each user can edit all posts, the individual processing steps are similar to those recorded on Wikipedia.

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