Social network: Openbook is now called Okuna

Openbook / Openspace is after some legal issues in Okuna renamed. The first evidence could see testers already in early July 2019. The new name could already be seen via iOS testflight, even though the updated app continued to be installed as Openspace. Since the current version 0.0.49 / 50 the application installs under iOS as Okuna.

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  1. GEMÜ Gebr. Müller Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG, Ingelfingen
  2. RheinEnergie AG, Cologne

The word okuna comes from the language Esperanto and means together. In the course of the renaming was not only the changed the Twitter account to the new namebut also the Website at is reachable. Okuna has a somewhat turbulent start phase behind her. At the original name Openbook the competition Facebook interfered. The then used name Openspace again caused legal problems.

With the new app gives off the name change a few basic improvements. Within the app can now translate more than 20 languages ​​should an Okuna member in a language other than their own publish something.

In addition, the app was translated, but in only three languages. In addition to English and Spanish, Okuna can also be used in German. According to the developers, the preparatory work for an upcoming beta phase is completed. This should start soon.