Soflow S06 in the test: e-scooter for the 1 & 1 DSL / Handy contract

Those who complete a DSL or smartphone contract with 1 & 1, which can be bought for 120 or 240 euros to 800 euros-e-Scooter Soflow S06. Whether that's worth it, reveals the test.

E-scooters are now part of the streetscape in major German cities. This is mainly due to the numerous rental offers from Lime, Tier, Voi & Circ (who is the best e-scooter rental?). If you want to drive your own legal e-scooter, you have to resort to a street-legal e-scooter. For more information on legality and what else is important when driving an e-scooter, we recommend our contribution Basics: E-scooters with street legal.

1 & 1 currently offers the e-scooter Soflow S06 exclusively as a bonus to his contracts at. The additional payment of 120 or 240 euros is comparatively low. Especially considering that the EIA of the e-scooter is 799 euros and you also currently in Germany does not get an e-scooter with street legal for less than 600 euros. Whether the Soflow S06 is not only cheap, but also good, clarifies this test.

So far on TechStage tested e-scooter:

The Soflow S06 looks like a one-stop shop. That starts with the successful color choice. The lighting is also completely integrated and switches on and off together with the scooter. For example, the IO Hawk Sparrow Legal did not do that well.

On the 49 × 15 cm sufficiently large tread surface provides a rubber lining for a good grip. The driver is allowed to weigh up to 120 kg – that is comparatively high, the nearly 2000 Euro Metz Moover (test report) only allows 94 kg load. The apron of the rear wheel hangs in the middle of the center for the insurance mark, on the top of the mudguard sits a small rubber hook, which engages the remote station on the handlebar to carry the scooter in the folded state can.

The clip lock to fold down is simple and effective.

To do this, the driver first has to transfer the simple but effective ironing protection in the lower area of ​​the handlebar. This is fast from the hand and makes a thoughtful and stable impression. The small stand on the left side of the scooter can be used by foot. Dirty weather and puddles are no problem. The Soflow S06 comes with IP65 certification.

On the handlebar is located on the left side of the handrail for the reverse brake, directly above a small, well audible bell. On the right side, the display sits with two buttons. One turns on the e-scooter, the other turns the light on and off. The small, backlit LC display shows the driver, even in direct sunlight clearly legible among other things, the current speed and the battery level. To the right of the display sits the obligatory thumb lever for accelerating the scooter.

The steering handles can not be unscrewed or folded for better transport. Thus resulting in the folded state dimensions of 53 × 121 × 58 cm. Nevertheless, the 15-kg scooter should fit in most luggage compartments from golf class. Folded it measures 111 × 121 × 48 cm, the handlebar is fixed in height.

The potentiometer for accelerating the e-scooter Soflow S06 is located to the right of the LC display.

As with all legal e-scooters, the rider first steps off the ground while standing on the board. If the Soflow S06 now rolls easily, the engine accelerates as soon as the driver presses down the throttle grip. The acceleration is mild. The 350 W engine barely manages to bring the scooter up to a maximum speed of 20 km / h at a rider weight of 90 kg. Really bad we did not think so, because he still masters neat slopes. Soflow speaks of up to 12 percent. Nevertheless, we are surprised by the leisurely acceleration behavior, because the engine of the Metz Moover (test report) provides 250 watts and accelerates noticeably stronger.

To inflate the tires with a normal bicycle air pump, you must first push the valve to the side.

The handling of the Soflow is due to the 10-inch rubber tires in order, slight bumps they put away easily. Attention: On delivery, they are empty, an air pump is not included. Thanks to the very high underbody clearance of more than 9 cm he also takes normal high curbs, without putting on. For longer trips annoying here, the throttle, which must be pressed down permanently for a constant ride. This hurts like many e-scooters with time on the thumb. The rolling resistance of the Soflow S06 is quite high, but you can even drive it with an empty battery like a normal scooter if necessary.

An e-scooter needs two independently working brakes to get a German road legal license. The Soflow S06 has a drum brake at the rear and an electric brake at the front. The rear brake triggers the driver manually by pulling handle. The front engages on the one hand always automatically, as soon as the driver is no longer gas. This reduces the actually positive driving feeling enormously, because a simple unrolling is no longer possible: The scooter always brakes after an acceleration phase. On the other hand, the effect of the engine brake noticeably increases as soon as the mechanical brake grip is minimally tightened. Unfortunately there is no energy recovery, so the bottom line is that we do not find automatic braking so good. a good system. Here we would rather have seen the mudguard brake, which we have berated the IO Hawk Sparrow Legal (test report) yet. Apart from that, the braking behavior of the Soflow S06 is fine, for a full braking from 20 km / h to 0 it needs just under 4 m.

Soflow promises a range of 30 km with a charge of the 281 Wh battery. That may be true for very, very, very light people. We come at 90 kg to a good 20 km. The range is okay, but it is a pity that Soflow exaggerates with his statement – that's at least 50 percent. The 84-W power supply is included with the scooter, the input for the round barrel connector is located on the side of Soflow S06 well protected under a rubber cover. The battery is fully charged after about 2.5 hours. Solfow promises 800 charging cycles.

Nice: Soflow provides the S06 with a smartphone mount for the handlebar. So drivers can use perpetual use of the corresponding via Bluetooth App. This clearly shows, among other things, the current speed, the battery state of charge in percent and the remaining kilometers. This is not really necessary, since the permanently installed LC display already shows the most important data. The app should also keep track history, but that did not work for us in the test.

If the user wipes from bottom to top in the main menu of the app, he activates the electronic front brake on the e-scooter. This should scare off thieves, but it does only very limited: The thief has to turn off the e-scooter just by pressing a button, already turned off the brake. If you turn on the scooter, but it is active again.

The Solfow S06 is not regularly available in stores, but only as a premium to a 1 & 1 contract. 1 & 1 gives the EIA with 799 euros. That seems realistic when comparing the price with other legal e-scooters. 1 & 1 wants in addition to the conclusion of a 24-month DSL or Smartphone Tariff 120 or 240 euros, to be paid either monthly or once.

This results in attractive conditions, which are especially worthwhile for those who are already playing with the idea to buy an e-scooter and at the same time expires the DSL or smartphone contract. As an example, we look at the 1 & 1-DSL-50 fare at. This only works if 1 & 1 DSL is available on site.

1 & 1 DSL 50 costs the first twelve months 15 euros, the second twelve months 35 euros plus 20 euros additional charge for change provider. That adds up to a price of 620 euros. Plus one-time payment of 120 euros is the buyer at 740 euros for the Soflow S06 and two years DSL 50. If one considers that there are currently no legal e-scooters under 600 euros in the German market, the offer is more than fair ,

The cost of 1 & 1 All-Net-Flat-LTE MContract with 10 GB of data volume amount to 750 euros after two years. Here wants 1 & 1 as additional payment for the e-scooter 240 euros, or for two years every month in addition 10 euros, makes together 990 euros. A very good price for those who need a smartphone tariff with a lot of data anyway.

These contracts include the Soflow S06 as a bonus:

  • 1 & 1 DSL 50 (12 months monthly 15 euros, then 35 euros, 120 euros additional payment for the e-scooter)
  • 1 & 1 DSL 100 (12 months monthly 20 euros, then 40 euros, 120 euros additional payment for the e-scooter)
  • 1 & 1 DSL 200 (12 months monthly 25 euros, then 45 euros, 120 euros additional payment for the e-scooter)

Alternatively, here are some e-scooters that are already on the German market with street legal:

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The Urban V3

The Soflow S06 is not perfect. For this, the engine is a bit too weak, the front electronic brake too annoying and some functions such as activated via app electronic immobilizer act too little thought out. Nevertheless, he is good. Because its processing is high quality, the range is sufficient and the overall package under the line consistent.

But what speaks especially for the Soflow S06, is in connection with a 1 & 1 DSL or mobile phone contract very favorable price. Soflow specifies an EIA of 800 euros, with DSL contract the price is reduced to 120 euros, with a mobile phone contract to 240 euros. This may be worthwhile for some who are looking for a new DSL or mobile phone contract anyway. Under the point price we calculated two contracts.


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