Sold out consoles: A PS5 is only available upon application

Only “true gamers” are allowed to take part in the Alternate competition. You must live in Germany and be at least 18, as long as you do not have the consent of a parent or legal guardian. The big prize: the unique opportunity to buy a Playstation 5. The winners of the application competition can either pay 600 euros for a PS5 including two controllers and a camera or 720 euros for the variant with the games “Nioh 2” and “Dirt 5”. There are a total of 265 PS5 consoles to get hold of.

According to its own statements, the technology shop thought up the campaign so that when buying the chronically out of stock Playstation 5, it is no longer just arbitrary and the fastest F5 key that decides. So you can apply there for the chance to buy a PS5, the classic way with a letter of motivation. “How you convince us of yourself as a suitable candidate is up to you, whether with a creative letter of motivation, with your own YouTube videos or links to your social media profiles, where you show your passion for the promotional item in pictures”, declares Alternate on the promotion website. After all, a résumé is not required.

It is not the first time in the past few months that the component shortage has given dealers such ideas. Last December, for example, the Swiss dealer Digitec decided to raffle the opportunity to purchase the Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card. This idea is not completely absurd: After all, the “scalpers” who use know-how and special tools to tap large quantities of coveted products in order to then sell them on at a higher price, go away empty-handed. Alternate combines this idea with the call to organize a small viral advertising campaign for the company. In the end, however, that should only cause frustration among those interested in buying, whose typed and filmed statements of motivation are found to be inadequate by the alternate jury.

You could be left by the wayside for months: Microsoft, whose Xbox Series X, like the Playstation 5, has been consistently sold out since the market launch, do not expect the new consoles to be readily available before June. Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon even expects the semiconductor shortage to drag on until the end of the year. This means that it could be difficult to get a game console or a graphics card all year round – the manufacturer simply lacks the parts to produce them in sufficient quantities. In addition to the entertainment industry, the shortage of chips is also affecting smartphone manufacturers and car makers. According to the market watchers from IHS Markit, smartphone manufacturers have to be prepared for delivery times of seven to eight months when ordering new Qualcomm chips.

The corona crisis favors the shortage of chips in two ways: on the one hand, it affects supply chains and production capacities, on the other, it leads to increased demand for certain tech products, especially in the entertainment sector. The shortage was also fueled by a factory fire and weather disasters at TSMC, the world’s largest chip contract manufacturer. In order to get the situation under better control in the future, US President Biden now wants to invest 37 billion US dollars in the expansion of US chip production.

This does not help immediately when buying a Playstation 5, an Xbox Series X or a current gaming graphics card. If you don’t want to send Alternate a letter of motivation, you will need luck in the coming months to get the console or PC of your choice.


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