Soldiers Using Jetpack Coming

The flight technology developed by a British soldier for 1 year has been officially shown today.

We have been in the jetpack for years, and have been waiting for soldiers to fly. A British soldier's new jet-powered flight suit, which the British Marines will use, makes this possible. The new British jet-powered flight costume, officially shown with the video that emerged yesterday, came to the fore throughout the world.


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The flight costume consisting of 5 jet engines developed by former British Royal Marines member Richard Browning produces a total of 1000bhp (bhp ~ measured value without power loss) thrust. Thanks to its jet engines, the person who uses the costume can reach speeds exceeding 80 km / h. "It is clear how the special force soldier can be transported to the target in a very agile and fast way with this system," Browning said in a statement to the press.


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Lympstone, Devon, developed a jet-powered flight costume at the Commando Training Center in southwest England, and the other soldiers, who were 39-year-old Richard Browning in front of the top-ranking soldiers, watched with admiration. Concerning successful jet-powered flight costume, the British Defense Ministry Speaker: ve We continue to work with the brightest brains in the UK and in the world so that emerging technology can support our military strength and take advantage in the future. Ort


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