Someone from the U.S. Paid Money at the Restaurant for 'Stupid Question'

An interesting event happened recently in a restaurant in the USA. Someone who was eating at the restaurant saw that when he asked for an account, he asked to pay extra money because he asked "stupid question".

In return for every stupid question you ask in a restaurant where you go to eat you need to pay money imagine. This may surprise you very much at first, but in the USA Tom’s Diner A restaurant serving the name has been doing this for 20 years. The 20-year tradition of the restaurant named Tom’s Diner, which reflects the questions from its customers and which it thinks is stupid, went viral with a photo shared on the internet.

Reddit user humblemangoes faced a very surprising voucher when he asked for an account after going to this restaurant. Besides eating in the plug $ 0.38 (2.24 TL) Seeing that there was one more line, humblemangoes took a photo of the voucher and shared it on Reddit when he saw that he wrote 'silly question' next to this fee. The shared photo managed to become viral by receiving high numbers of interactions in a short time.

The price of asking silly questions is on the menu


Looking at the menu of Tom’s Diner, the price of asking silly questions has been clearly stated. Customers who have to pay $ 0.38 as a result of each stupid question asked, also have different humorous listings on the menu. There are four products in the 'Healthy Options' section of the restaurant's menu. Two of them are very interesting.

The officials who want to continue the joke in the section named Healthy Options, "Skip your next meal" option and where the price of it should be written 'Your money is up to you' Including an article like. Another option under healthy options is "Walk Home" option. If the authorities are to the right of this option "Priceless" includes the article.


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Of course, the place named Tom’s Diner does this for entertainment purposes. General manager of the restaurant Hunter laundry, “We want to be fun. It is best to keep things light in today's world ” He stated that they found it important to include entertainment in their work by making their explanations. Uncle Tom Messina's 20 years ago Stating that he added funny options to the menu, Hunter stated that even though the stupid question is asked, extra fee is reflected on the voucher, but the staff does not charge this fee from the customers.

Source : viral-1637395-2020-01-16