Sony Announces Partnership with Discord

Discord, which came to the fore with claims that it will be purchased by Microsoft until just a few weeks ago, has partnered with Sony. In the announcement made by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO Jim Ryan, it was announced that Discord will be integrated into PlayStation Network in 2022.

Discord has recently attracted attention as an application that has more than 140 million monthly users worldwide and continues to rise. So much so that some rumors in the past weeks, That Microsoft’s eyes are on Discord and revealed that he was willing to pay $ 10 billion to buy Discord. Considering the bold steps Microsoft has taken recently in the game world, this acquisition, which sounds logical, did not materialize.

However, it turns out that Microsoft is not the only company that has plans for Discord. Another star of the game industry Sony is also in this race. More from Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan to explain by Discord with Sonyto improve the social gaming experience‘has already established a partnership.

Discord will be integrated into PlayStation Network in 2022:

Discord Sony agreement

In the statement made by Ryan ”Together with our teams, we are already working hard to make Discord a part of your social and gaming experience on PlayStation Network. Our goal is to make Discord and PlayStation experiences early next year bringing together on console and mobile devices to allow friends, groups and communities to have fun and communicate more easily while playing together” statements were included.


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Of course, there is no exact information yet on how the details of this integration will be and exactly when it will be available. On the other hand, we know that Xbox and Discord integration has been possible for many years. However, this integration is very limited and only has simple features such as seeing which game your friends on Discord are playing. Partnership of Sony & Discord It is thought to bring about a more detailed cooperation than this.

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