Sony Announces Professional Drone Airpeak S1

Sony has officially announced the Airpeak S1, the drone it has developed for professional shooting. The drone, which has impressive features, seems to be a strong competitor of DJI, which is known as the best in the industry. The price of Airpeak S1 is quite high, as you can imagine.

Japan-based technology giant Sony has recently advertised professional drone model “Airpeak S1“I officially announced. The drone, which has high-end features, is the type that will burn pockets with its price. However, this is not surprising because Sony has previously stated that this drone not suitable for everyone had already said.

Sony Airpeak S1 is a drone designed for professional shooting. In this context, 2,5 kilogram The device, which can easily carry around the camera equipment, enables smooth shooting with the gimbal support that can be purchased externally. The drone only in 3.5 seconds Explaining that it can reach 80 km / h, Sony said that the maximum speed of Airpeak S1 90 km / s says it is. This maximum speed makes the Airpeak S1 the strongest competitor in the market. DJI MatrixHe carries it in front of him.

Introducing Sony Airpeak S1

Sony Airpeak S1

Sony’s drone designed for professionals is not bad at all in terms of wind resistance. According to the statements made by the company, Airpeak S1 can operate at a maximum tilt angle of 55 degrees. This is this drone 70 km / s This means that it can be used even in fast winds. However, the flight time is unfortunately not quite as desired. without load 22 minutes The drone, which can fly non-stop along the length of the camera, is equipped with a 24-mm lens attached to Sony’s Alpha 7S Mark III professional camera. 12 minutes can stay in the air.


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Sony Airpeak S1 also impresses with its flight system. So much so that this drone can detect where it is, by detecting its front, back, top, bottom, right and left with its sensors. can guess. In addition, the five-way cameras added to the drone can be scanned in 3D. flight stability is increasing. Sony says that this system also makes the drone pilot’s job easier. In addition to all these impressive features, Airpeak S1 to avoid collisions It is also equipped with a system that automatically slows down and stops when necessary.

Sony Airpeak S1

Speaking of flight systems; Let’s not forget that Sony Airpeak S1 is an advanced control controller. While professional drone pilots use Airpeak S1, it’s exclusive to the iOS ecosystem for now.Airpeak FlightThey will be able to benefit from a mobile application called “. This application will be able to show details such as the device’s location, speed, battery status. In addition, the drone has nose camera, can be moved through the remote of Airpeak S1. Not content with these control capabilities alone, Sony said, “Airpeak BaseWith a web application called “, flight routes will be planned, these routes will be saved and reused. For example, a pilot will be able to determine when the gimbal to be connected to the drone will be free with a flight program with Airpeak Base.


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According to the statements made by Sony, Airpeak S1 is the company’s “Alpha” series. with professional cameras can work in perfect harmony. Moreover, professionals would be able to attach lenses with focal ranges ranging from 11mm to 85mm on these cameras. While the company hasn’t said anything specific about compatibility with professional cameras from other brands, it’s a big deal. there will be no problem says they guessed.

Sony Airpeak S1

Meanwhile, the Airpeak S1’s externally available gimbal is powered by Sony. not produced. of a company called Gemsy”Gimbal T3Using the “” model, Sony seems not to want to enter a sector where it is not very experienced. However, there may be a new development on this subject in the coming years.

According to the statements made by Sony, Airpeak S1, designed for professionals, will meet with consumers in the autumn of 2021. The spare parts of the drone can be purchased in 2-packs. What is the cost of owning this drone? $ 9,000 it will be. Moreover, a consumer who wants to have a gimbal to be purchased externally, $ 1,750 Will have to pay more. In other words, the photo you see above is the version without the camera. 10 thousand 750 dollars We can safely say that it is.

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