Sony Changes Inappropriate User Names

Names with inappropriate words will be changed immediately by Sony.

Farewell to usernames used to annoy the opponent or to provoke the people played. User names with inappropriate content are now being replaced by Sony as "TempXXXX" (XXXX is filled with random numbers).


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Sony, the gaming industry giant for years, is now taking solid steps about malicious people. For the first time yesterday, the digital content producer has offered users the ability to change their user names as they wish, without any reason. Users with inappropriate user names were asked to change their names nicely.


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It was then announced on the PSN Blog that any user name that violates the terms of service will be temporarily censored as "TempXXXX" and that the user will be asked to select a new user name. It was not clear whether the new rule that Sony started to implement was a punishment or a reward.

Note that the user names to be sanctioned are user names containing "racial insults, profanity or other prohibited words". In addition, some PSN users are also not expected to change "TempXXXX" usernames and create a group that will create a perception that "We used usernames that contain bad words, fear us".