Sony: Leaks on developer kits and mass storage of the PS5

On Twitter is a photo with two devkits the Playstation 5 appeared. This refers to systems that developers have been asked in advance by the platform operator Sony in order to be able to start programming their works for the new console at an early stage. In which studio the photo was taken, is not known. Incidentally, the strange appearance of the devkits does not allow conclusions to be drawn about the design of the PS5's end user version.

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The peculiar V-shape of the case is no surprise: hobbyists and fans have been producing all sorts of render graphics and drawings on the basis of leaked information for months – as it has now turned out, these pictures largely coincide with the now published photo.

Also, the alleged controller of the next Playstation can be seen, its design coincides with a patent from Sony. Among other things, the gamepad looks a bit thicker, it has larger trigger buttons and no light bar like the Dualshock 4.

Sony has just said that there will be more information about the Playstation 5 in early 2020. The console will then come to the end of the year on the market.

In the meantime, it is known which manufacturer presumably supplies the particularly fast mass storage – according to previous presentation, this will be one of the most important innovations.

It is probably Samsung's NVME SSDs. In any case, at a conference in Tokyo at the end of November 2019, the Group expressly gave a presentation of upcoming models "SSD era at game consoles 2020" spoken and to a picture of Playstation 4 used. The mass storage should ensure that there are no – or at least almost no – noticeable load times more.

Microsoft has also hinted that it wants to use the fast memory in the Xbox Scarlett. By the way: While there are many hints in the net that developer studios have devkits of the PS5, there are comparable messages about the next Xbox as well as not at all – thereby the console is also end of 2020 on the market.

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