Sony: Playstation 5 may have a cost issue

The management of Sony apparently has problems with the pricing at the Playstation 5. Reason should be difficulties with the purchase of memory chips, specifically for the working memory (DRAM) and the mass storage (NAND). Bloomberg wants that have learned from informed but unspecified sources.

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The magazine writes that Sony should actually continue to prepare to launch the console in fall 2020. February 2020 is the time to set a final sales price, at least internally, and then start mass production. However, the cost of Playstation 5 would add up to around $ 450. That is why the company decided initially "wait and see",

Many players were hoping for new information on the console in February 2020. Playstation 4 was introduced in February 2013, and there were also several leaks about an event in New York in February 2020. To get this done in time, however, Sony would have to hurry.

According to some of the leaks, it was planned that fans should be able to pre-order the Playstation 5 immediately after the event. To do this, Sony would have to commit to a price. However, it shouldn't be too high for that – otherwise the most important competitor Microsoft could undercut its Xbox Series X by $ 450 or more.

The Playstation 4 was launched for $ 400. At launch, analysts calculated that all components should have cost around $ 381 in total.

In the past, it was common for consoles to be sold at a lower price – companies then made the money by selling games. In the meantime, however, there is hardly a manager left who would like to convey this type of cross-subsidization to his shareholders even in the short term.

So far, some technical specifications for the Playstation 5 are known. So far, there is no clue about the exact size of the working memory – presumably it is between 12 and 16 GB of GDDR-RAM. A fast SSD is installed as a mass storage device instead of a conventional hard disk; it is probably a 1 TB NVMe SSD.

Both types of memory are in demand, among other things, by the manufacturers of smartphones, but possibly also by Microsoft for the Xbox Series X. According to Bloomberg, Sony has not had any problems with the corona virus so far, but this could change in the coming months ,

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